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info ihc hnggy thai wan to take him dmvn in the
where he M»uld Hag flic !<*r,il

The umul pushed him thruugh ihe d*»nr. Iff was aware,
as ihc glatr «»f the mining MUI Miwk his eye*, half blinding
him ahn the dim titlftint nf the MM* h, of the Mtlid ma** of
fares thai tolled thr lifflr platfnun nf the suti»m anil the spate
nf tlir street l*ry»'ixtt Thr tall man ahra»l uf him hali-iunied
on the »»irjis i*| the i<Mih, ^.iviiig, "C*rc*l find!*1 loudly and
" I ne^rr, f ne^rr in all my <bys *»eett s«* ntatiy
Mr. Miiiiii thought lhaf he, trwt, hail ue^et H'CII so
fHjilr, firmer Wtntr, anil a«» lie Innket! nut §*\er ftie fau'«
many »f them, if Meemetl, iijiiiiHirii trniarti hiitt, it1*
m ^irrtm^ »<r rxjtr* ta«i*>« JH.- frit a nnftden ^urge t»f
excitement, ,»Jm«»sf uf r\aha(inn, "tiieai (*<»l!" he *»aid,
cfihuing thr tall matt, hut the tall m.iis had Me(»j»ed tloun,

Mr, Munti f«»!l«ned him, thr rxatfatifm gone,

IUttying hi*' iifflr %;due» tthuh «an innfimudly heing
jaiitmed ag.iimi tiin knees he tnnvecl painfully u*»ih the drift
<rf {»c«jilr flat w^» tiiiw going n*ay (jntn the niaiiuii apjiiir-
enily in ihc ilifn i$**ii <*f ihr main Mreri, In ihc middle of flic
urcei were |*c<»|)!e m *vag»iu and hnggie* thai »rnrscly »ccmcfi
to pMjj»e** At all, ihe tru»h was HP great, I'hry.wcre like
people tmtwtird m the midst of lining HIMH! w»iicrn. Here
anil there a huftciiaii tttKKl ow abn-e ihc trow*!* nurvcytng
it arrftgamiy and ikwrhcdly like an olikcr, llicnc people ill
teemed stranger* ti» him here on ihc mrcei <rf llardivillc.

At the rmrocr of the street urn ihe hotel he heard ftomeotte
railing hi» name, utid itoppeii lei ling the movement of the
cromt divide urmmd him, A big, chunky mi,«i weiriag I
bUck cmt w*<i »unding up in i buggy and gesticulating
lowartl him, "O>mc here IM ihc ttutn w« thouting while he
beckoned* Mr. Munn wived, and began to forre hii wiy into
the iiwci toward ihe buggy, which held i young woman and
the chunky nun*

**Get tip here/* chc ehunky man ordered* still stalling.

*fAiid jm, Sultie, you movt over," he slid to the youag

** m& ft f l%te get up